Movie location in Kuala Lumpur

I don’t know if you have the same but since I was a child I always wanted to see places from movies. I always told myself that I want to see this or that or want to go there etc. When I was older I slowly made that happened. I remember one time when I was in Chicago and I desperately needed a picture with the house from movie Home Alone. I found the street and then the house and when I asked one couple on the street where nobody was if they can take a picture of me with the house they looked at me like they don’t have a clue why I want the picture with the house and then the women was like oh yes that’s the house from the movie haha. Oh well 😀 Continue reading

What to do in Vietnam. Part 2

As a promised there is another post about Vietnam. Part 1 was about Cu Chi Tunnels. You can read it here. This time it will be about River tour.

First stop was just one cute place where we stopped for some food and toilet break becuase the ride from our hotel was more then one hour. Continue reading

Little update about my life.

Hey peeps,

It’s been a while since I posted something. I have been very busy since October and a lot happened. After a while I was even thinking if I should continue in blogging if it’s really worth the time, energy and everything. Wasn’t really in the mood to write lately. I actually didn’t really had time just for myself past few months. All the time was something happening. I like to live life to the fullest. After I’ve recived a few messages from people why I don’t write anymore and they would like to hear something from me again, I deciced that maybe with the new year it will be a new start. I don’t usually give new year’s resolutions to myself but maybe this will be my new resolution to write more. What about you? How you are with resolutions? Continue reading

Tips for visiting the Big Buddha. Hong Kong

Hi everyone,

if you follow my blog you know I swapped my flight from Madrid to Hong Kong and I coudn’t do better. I love Hong Kong. It’s definitelly coming on my list of my favorite cities. The flight was great. I was worried because I had duty free position for the first time that means during the flight you sell duty free. It’s not really popular around crew. I guess it depends on which flight. This one was kind of quite so I had time to do it and I was lucky to sell something and it’s actually not that hard. I like the fact that I can always learn something new.  Continue reading

What to do in Dubai. Wild Wadi Water Park.

Hi guys,

lots of people are asking me what I am doing in my free time in Dubai and what to do over here. It really depends but I will try to write more blog posts about it in the future. For example just recently I have visited Wild Wadi Water Park. I definitelly like to do fun activities in Dubai and live my life for maximum but some days I like to be lazy too mainly after flights. Sometimes I am so tired that I can’t even get up from bed. Continue reading

How I almost met Leonardo Dicaprio! Phuket, Thailand

Hello peeps,

If you follow my blog you know I was scheduled for Phuket twice. Unfortunately they pulled me out from one of the flights but luckily the other flight they didn’t canceled to me. When I bid for Phuket I didn’t realize that September is the worst month to visit because it’s rainy season. I didn’t have any hopes it will change because when I checked the weather it showed that all week should rain. So I didn’t have any hopes for plans. Continue reading

October Roster

Our roster came early this month so now it’s time to share it with you 🙂

Last month how I mentioned was mine top bid. That usually means the best month for you and after top bid you are again on the bottom of seniority rotation. Not really good month for you. So I was scared what will come this month. Past four month I done just one tournaround that’s not typical ha ha so I was worried but must say it’s not bad at all.

Continue reading

The most beautiful island on Earth – Mahé, Seychelles

Hi everyone,

I am currently home enjoying my vacation with my family but just before I flew home I had a flight to Seychelles. The flight was quick. It’s around 4:15 hours. So it was really easy and customers were nice of course as they were going to Seychelles 😀 The departure was at 2am so that’s always hard to manage to sleep before the flight but the flight was fast so it was ok. When we landed and I left the plane and saw the outside for the first time the first thing that crossed my mind was WOW. It looked so unreal. There was a mountin with rocks and trees it looked like in movies. Continue reading