Venice, Italy

Hello everyone,

On my flight to Venice I was lucky to fly with my friend so I knew I will explore the city with her this time. It’s very rare that we fly with the same people or somebody that we know so this time I was happy to see somebody that I know.

We arrived to Venice in the afternoon so I immediately got ready because the next day wasn’t really time for sightseeing. I met my friend in the lobby and we took the shuttle from the hotel. I need to say that Venice is one big maze but the positive thing is that it’s so beautiful that you don’t mind to get lost in the streets. Each small street has something to offer. Such a beautiful city, all those canals and small restaurants I just love that I could sit for hours in cafes or restaurants and just watch people, architecture and drink coffee or wine and do noting. Continue reading


Seoul, South Korea

Hi peeps,

I’ve been working as a cabin crew for 6 months now and I’ve visited so many wonderful cities and countries so far. I am looking forward what will come next. Since my cabin crew carrier I had the chance to visit Australia, New Zealand, Africa, many cities in Europe, Asia etc.

When I started thinking of where should I begin with my blog, I must say it was hard because I don’t what to go to the past and I want that this blog will be in present and it would be about destinations that I have been in recently, not like 4 months ago. Also my memory is not that great mainly because I travel a lot and I don’t remember exactly everything in details so actually that’s one of the reason why I started this blog to have memories for all the trips that I’ve done and hopefully you will like it or maybe you will get inspired.  Continue reading

Travel with Tereza

Hi peeps,

My first post!! I feel so excited about it 😀 English is not my first language so forgive me if I make mistakes. It’s my first blog and I have no idea how to start it, so please bear with me!

I have bought a new toy recently and that’s a new MacBook Air. Unfortunately my laptop died but I was expecting it would happen soon. So that was a great opportunity to go to Apple store and make myself a little bit more happy ha ha and that actually made me think ok now it’s the time to start a blog. I was thinking about it for longer time but I had always more cons then pros to start, but yes today is the day of a new beginning so let’s do it 😀

My name is Tereza, Czech girl who always was passionate about traveling. I think it started when I first moved to London and when I moved back to Czech I knew I would never be happy in one place so after a few years I moved to Boston where I left my heart and that just changed me. I got an idea to work as a cabin crew for Middle East Airline so now I am currently based in Dubai. I love to travel so I chose the perfect job for me. I decided to start this blog to share my travels and adventures around the world!!

Stay tuned!!