Seoul, South Korea

Hi peeps,

I’ve been working as a cabin crew for 6 months now and I’ve visited so many wonderful cities and countries so far. I am looking forward what will come next. Since my cabin crew carrier I had the chance to visit Australia, New Zealand, Africa, many cities in Europe, Asia etc.

When I started thinking of where should I begin with my blog, I must say it was hard because I don’t what to go to the past and I want that this blog will be in present and it would be about destinations that I have been in recently, not like 4 months ago. Also my memory is not that great mainly because I travel a lot and I don’t remember exactly everything in details so actually that’s one of the reason why I started this blog to have memories for all the trips that I’ve done and hopefully you will like it or maybe you will get inspired. 

When I was thinking about the first destination to write about, it just hit me! Of course it must be about South Korea. I think this was my best trip so far. I flew to Seoul in June so let’s start there.

Flight is about 8 hours there and 9 hours back. We landed in the evening so i went straight to bed but the next morning I woke up early and went to explore the city. My flight back was in the evening so that gave me all day for exploring the city. Normally I go sightseeing with other people although I prefer small groups one or two persons. That’s the best for me from my experience. Also who knows me well knows that i walk extremely fast so it’s hard to keep up ha ha but then you have better chance to see a lot mainly if we usually have just 24 hours in the destinations. This time it was around 30 hours but still not time to waist right?!  This time many of us already been in Seoul or had different plans then me or they didn’t want to meet up so early so I was like ok why not let’s go alone and walk fast 😀 and do what I want and luckily that was the best decision. Sometimes it’s just better to go alone. Of course it’s more fun with people and everything but sometimes why not to have alone moment and enjoy some adventure on my own.

I grabbed a map at the reception as a real tourist, phone in my hand to be ready for pictures and went straight to a new adventure.


I took the metro which was just a few minutes walk from our hotel and yes I love to take subways and feel like normal people who lives in the city, however I felt a little bit strange because I was the only white european person there 😀 but it was cool. Metro was really easy to take. Well I  just don’t straggle with subways. Of course some experience helped too.

My first stop was of course Gyeongbokgung palace that’s a must and it’s wort it. It so beautiful. To get in was I think 3000 won so that was kind of cheap and it’s huge you can walk around the palace and park for hours. I love to take pictures so I went crazy over there ha ha 😀 the saddest part was that I like to be on the pictures too and now it’s a question who will take a picture of me if you travel alone but no worries. According to my experience there is always somebody who would like to take a picture of you and who you can trust and if you don’t like it just wait for a minute and ask somebody else ha ha 😀 that’s maybe easier then with friend who is taking picture of you to tell hey this photo sucks 😀 don’t have legs on the picture or top of the tower for some people they just don’t know anything about composition. Anyway I also met a group of Czech people over there and when I heard my language I needed to talk to them. They were lovely. We chatted for a while, walked together and took some pictures. That’s always great to meet somebody on the way.


After exploring the palace I was super hungry so the first thing that i saw was Starbucks and of course that’s my favorite so I ordered coffee and sandwich and I relaxed for a bit and used free wifi of course. I immediately texted my family that I am having a good time and sent some pics. I like keeping them updated 😀 then I was thinking what to do next I didn’t have exact plan so I looked at the map and I saw Seoul tower I also saw pictures of it when I did my quick re-search of Seoul so the time was good so I took the metro again and went to find the tower. I wasn’t sure how to get there because its in the middle of park and really high so actually you need to hike there. So I did some hike. I chose the longer way so it took me like 40 minutes to get there I sweated like a pig when I reached the top but that was just breathtaking view. I bought my ticket for 10 000 won to see it even from higher place. I bought some postcards and tried to just chill for a moment white I was writing them because there was a postbox so that was great and easy I always try to send postcards to my family and friends and if it’s that easy to buy them and send them in one place that’s even sweeter.


I find out that there is a cablecar who can take me down so that was awesome because I was too tired to walk back and I had a flight ahead in the evening. Yeah and it was pretty cool you can take it even up so for you guys who doesn’t have much time or is tired or lazy, call it how you want it, it is awesome way how to see this place and it costs just 6000 won one way.

I went to explore a little bit more of the city and had a dinner and it was about the time to head back to the hotel to take a short nap before my flight back to Dubai I wish I could fly to Seoul again because there is much more to see.

Stay tuned,



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