Venice, Italy

Hello everyone,

On my flight to Venice I was lucky to fly with my friend so I knew I will explore the city with her this time. It’s very rare that we fly with the same people or somebody that we know so this time I was happy to see somebody that I know.

We arrived to Venice in the afternoon so I immediately got ready because the next day wasn’t really time for sightseeing. I met my friend in the lobby and we took the shuttle from the hotel. I need to say that Venice is one big maze but the positive thing is that it’s so beautiful that you don’t mind to get lost in the streets. Each small street has something to offer. Such a beautiful city, all those canals and small restaurants I just love that I could sit for hours in cafes or restaurants and just watch people, architecture and drink coffee or wine and do noting.

After an hour of walking, I would say, we finally find Piazza San Marko. There is also Saint Mark’s Basilica with thousand of pigeons. I really wanted to see this place and take a picture because I have a picture from there when I was 3 years old so It’s been a while and I needed it a new one 🙂 I just love the history and architecture of Italy. It’s unbelievable.


Our next thing on our bucket list was to ride a gondola like in the movies lol 😀 So we went to ask the guy how much it is and there were other two people who were asking the same thing so we agreed to split the price between four of us. The ride is either I don’t remember exactly but I think 40 minutes or 1 hour long so we agreed that the 40 minutes ride will be enough and it was. Even if I can imagine to be on the gondola for all day 😀 I took so many pictures and we could even see the Bridge of Sights from the gondola that was awesome.



Our next stop was a souvenir shop. I don’t usually buy that staff. I don’t like things for dust but it’s always nice to buy something from the country to have some memory. This time I knew what I wanted and I it was a carnival mask, which is really typical for Venice. Of course who knows me know I am extremely picky so it was hard to find the right one but I found it and it actually didn’t take for ages. I just need to figure out where I will put it in my apartment because it scares me a little bit so it can’t be the first thing that I will see when I wake up lol.


After shopping souvenirs and postcards we were ready to have some dinner. We found one cute restaurant in a small street with a canal where we could see even gondolas. Such a romantic place. I ordered of course pizza and wine and enjoyed the beautiful view.


That’s everything from my side.

Talk to you soon,



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