Rome, Italy

Hello guys,

This month I had two flights to Rome so I was super excited about it. It is wonderful city and it offers a lot so it’s definitely better to have more time. Every month we have chance to bit for flights. We can put 5 preferences, but it’s not guaranteed that you will get what you want but I bid for Rome and I got it twice, lucky me!

First time I went with a girl from Korea and we had so much fun together. Our first stop was to see the famous Colosseum. It was so crowded so we didn’t have chance to get inside but even to see it from outside it’s unforgotten experience.

IMG_5017 IMG_4993IMG_6523

Then we walked to Pantheon. On the way there we bought Italien gelato of course because it wouldn’t be Italy without delicious gelato. Which flavor do you like guys? For me it’s always coconut or lemon or maybe mango or something with caramel. Actually I am not huge fan of ice-cream but if I am somewhere in Italy, Croatia, that’s just a must. So we made it to Pantheon and after that we went to Trevi Fountain that was on my bucket list for a while. I always wanted to throw a coin to the fountain so yes I DID IT! Just follow your dreams and tick them off from your bucket list because it’s wort it. You can wish something when you throw a coin to the fountain but yes not sure how strong is it but let’s see 😀 I also have a funny video how I am doing that 😀


After that  was a time for dinner and of course pizza is always a good choice and my friend wanted to go to one restaurant where they have the best pizza in Rome and I have to say yes it was delicious. The place is not that nice and waiters that’s just no comment but the pizza is yummy in my tummy.


I think we managed to see a lot from the city we also went to Bocca della Verita which in english means ’mouth of truth’ according to a legend the face’s mouth closes if a liar sticks his hand in it.


After the day I was super exhausted and we returned to our hotel late so I didn’t have time to take a nap but it was alright the flight back wasn’t that long so I still managed to have energy to do it and enjoy it.

On my other flight to Rome I flew on Airbus and we arrived in the afternoon, different timing then last time. There is always a big question mark what will happen on the layover. You can always have a plan but you never know with who you will fly with and what is their plan so it change all the situation and your plans but I don’t mind that and it’s actually exciting. This time I was open minded because I’ve been already there ones. Of course I had my plans before the flight but in the same time I was open to options. During the flight I spoke with one girl from business class. She was my vibe so we agreed to do something together. We agreed to meet in an hour after check in to the hotel because there wasn’t time to waste. We went with another few people from business class. Our plan was to have some drinks and dinner. First we went to see the Colosseum. Again crowed with full of tourists. We walked around the city and then found one restaurant for a drinks and then we went to another restaurant for another drink and dinner.

After that we went to Trevi Fountain and I throw more coins to the fountain. This time even dirhams so will see what will bring more luck 😀


After that was the time for dessert so we had gelato of course. I came back to the hotel around midnight but that was ok because our flight back was the next day in the afternoon so plenty of time to have a nice sleep and rest.

Stay tuned,



4 thoughts on “Rome, Italy

  1. Hi! How are you doing? I really love your amazing blog it really inspires me a lot that’s why I followed you. I hope to read more beautiful post soon. I can’t wait to see it. I hope we could also be friends. Have a great day ahead!


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