Sydney, Australia

Hello peeps,

The real straggle for me is when I fly somewhere and then I check the weather in the destination and it says 17ºC/62ºF and I have no idea what to pack and which outfit should I wear. So I always write to my sister. She is kind of my personal adviser for weather but I feel she always answers the same and that is ballerina shoes and blazer. Seriously?? Maybe she is right but come on!! 😀

This time I visited Sydney. It was always my dream destination so I was excited to explore it. We landed in the evening and my plan was to wake up around 9am – 10am and go to the city but I just couldn’t wake up. The jet lag just hit me. I kept canceling my alarm every hour but finally around 12pm I got up and got ready. In the elevator I met one guy. We started chatting and then he asked me if I think it’s cold outside because I had scarf and trench coat. He had just t-shirt. Ok, well maybe I just put too much clothes on me lol but better more then be cold right?! Yes scarf was too much but I was glad I had my trench coat because it was super windy.

It was already afternoon but I was in breakfast mood of course. That’s always struggle 😀 So I went to Starbucks and got a coffee and a muffin.

My first stop was Sydney Opera House. It’s always crazy how you see pictures and then you can see it live and stand in front of the building and say WOW but jeez sooo WINDY!! It’s close to the harbor so of course it’s always like that but the view is just spectacular.


Then I explored a botanic garden. Very nice place. Wish I can be back in the summer.


Also I went closer to Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is awesome view from there to spectacular Opera House and the Bridge itself.


I really hope there will be another opportunity to visit Sydney because this time I wasn’t in a good shape. But that just happens and I guess it’s part of the job. I went back to the hotel and I went to bed again and slept another 5 hours. Well what can you do. This trip was just tiring but I still enjoyed it. We had really nice crew and the flight back was just amazing. It wasn’t that busy like the flight to Sydney. It always matters about the crew. If you have great collegaues the flight is awesome too.

Have a great weekend,

Your Tereza


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