Madrid, Spain

Hello everyone,

Somebody sent me a swap for this flight. I supposed to go to Venice but if you read my posts you know I have been there recently. You can read my post about Venice here. So I was very happy to go somewhere I’ve never been to. New destination for me. Departure was super early and I managed to sleep just for 2 hours before the flight but luckily I found energy for the flight and even to go to the city after we landed. Sometimes it’s a real struggle to stay awake for such a long time. You don’t want to waist time in the destination or sleep during the day and then not be able to sleep in the evening so I always try to be up until evening and go to sleep in the local time. That’s cabin crew life 😀

I wanted to explore the city and do sightseeing so I found another 2 girls that wanted to do the same so that was perfect. First stop was food. I was super hungry after long day and almost zero sleep. So we found one cute restaurant were they had mainly tapas so that was perfect. I ordered a Spanish omelette ‘tortilla de patatas’. I love it. Sometimes I make it at home because I have a few Spanish friends who taught me how to make it but of course it’s not that delicious as if you order it in Spain.


After that we walked to Jardines de Sabatini. It’s a garden which is close to Plaza de Oriente and Royal Palace such a beautiful place. There we walked afterward.




Then we saw other places and then suddenly we found this sculpture and took so many funny pictures with him 😀


We walked around beautiful streets until we walked to Plaza Mayor.


Over there you can take pictures with traditional customes and also there are lots of restaurants and cafes where you can take some rest. After that we tried to do some shopping but there wasn’t energy left and it started to be late lol so we went for dinner. This time I ordered famous ‘paella’ and it was delicious. That is a must in Spain. Something like with pizza or pasta in Italy. Of course the famous one is with seafood but I am vegetarian so luckily they also have vegetarian with veggies but you can also have it with chicken if you are not into seafood.


Then we took a metro and went back to the hotel. The next day our flight was in the afternoon but I slept all morning. I woke up almost on time of our wake up call. Slept around 12hours 😀 Yes I needed that lol. Madrid surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect much however I always wanted to visit. I really recommend to put Madrid to your bucket list.

Stay tuned because next post will be about another destination in Spain. Guess which one.



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