Barcelona, Spain

Hello everyone,

How are you today? How I mentioned in the other post we can bid for flights and for month  of August I bid for Barcelona and luckily I got it twice but then I swapped the other one for Bangkok and now I am not sure if I did a good decision because Barcelona is huge and there is so much to see and to do. I didn’t have a chance to see everything what I wanted but it’s ok I know I will have a chance to go there again if I would like. 

The flight to Barcelona was really nice and I had awesome crew on board we had so much fun together and I agree how people say happy crew happy customers. We arrived to the hotel around 2:30pm and I agreed with one girl and one guy that we will meet in the lobby in an hour. So I quickly took a shower, got ready and replayed messages on whatsup – my rutine 😀

We took a map and asked what is the best way to get around the city and let me tell you the city is huge. So we agreed that we will take a metro and then we will walk.

Our first stop was Park Guell. To get there you need to hike pretty high because the park is build on a hill but if you want you can take escalators. That was cool but just for few parts. On the top of it there is an amazing view of Barcelona.




Park Guell was designed by Antoni Gaudi. He lived here for 20 years and now his house is a museum of his work. You can visit his house but you need to pay. Actually the park is devided for the monumental zone and the free access area. For the monumental zone you need to pay that was disappointment. I wouldn’t mind to pay but there was a big queue and we didn’t have much time so we just walked around in the free access area. We still could see almost everything but from far away. I was sad about it.




After that we went to famouse Basilica of Sagrada Familia. It’s designed by Antoni Gaudi too. This place is impresive I could stare at it for hours. SO many details. Gaudi began construction on the church in 1882 and worked for over 40 years on the project, until his death in 1926. Today, the church is still being finished and has finally entered it’s last stage of construction. The girl I went with told me that she remembers that she was there 10 years ago and it was still under construction. I am wondering when it will be completely finish. 



Our next stop was Columbus Monument which is pointing in the direction of the new world he discovered. It’s by the harbor. I like that. It is such a peaceful place.



IMG_6124Then we went for dinner and of course I needed to try another paella with sangria. My favorite Spanish drink.



We took the metro back to the hotel and I quickly went for grocery shopping. I love to buy local fruits and vegetables and all the products. It’s always good quality. So I bought my grocery of cource I can’t forget about wines and I went back to my hotel room. Very exhausted but our wake up call was in the afternoon next day so I had a good sleep and rest. The flight back I really enjoyed, even if the flight was completely full. I just love my job 🙂

Have a great day and let me know where you are traveling this summer.

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