Johannesburg, South Africa

Hello peeps,

how are you today? This time I must say I was very lucky. I had tournaround to India but luckily I swapped it for Joburg. I am starting to be really good in swapping 😀 For you who doesn’t know the difference, we usually get layovers and tournarounds in each month. Tournaround means that you fly somewhere but you flight back straight away, you don’t even have a chance to get from the plane. These flights are usually short that’s why you don’t need to have a rest in the destination but sometimes it gets very tiring. Layovers – about these flights I usually write about. We fly somewhere and then we stay at the destination usually for 24hours but sometimes it’s even more it depends it can be even 3 days.  

So how I said I swapped my tournaround, not really favorite around crew, for layover in South Africa. The flight there was half empty so it was nice and we had plenty of time to get to know each other. Most of the crew already been there so they didn’t want to do anything interesting but I and another guy we agreed to go to Lion Park.

First I was skeptical about this place because I heard a lot and I wasn’t sure how they treat the animals and everything but I must say I had the best time ever and I found more information about it and got overview of the Lion park.

My alarm went on at 6:50am and astonishingly I was well rested even though I went to bed around 1am. I met my friend in the lobby and we were waiting for our tour quide. I will show you his buisness card if you would be interested in the future.


When he showed up we drove to the Lion park. You have opportunity to get extremely close to many of Africa’s most exciting animals including brown and white lion, wild dog, cheetah and over twenty different African wildlife species. While exploring the park you can get the opportunity to view many amazing animals including zebra, giraffe, gemsbok, springbuck, blesbuck, sable, nyala and many many more.

Our first thing to do was to drove with truck around the safari and see them in their natual habits. It was amazing to see all the animals and get to know more about them. One of my favorite animals are zebras but I never knew they sleep just 15 minutes per day and they always stand even if they sleep how crazy is that and they eat all day 😀


I felt like in the movie The Lion King, one of my favorite cartoons. I coudn’t believe I am in South Africa and just one or two meters from me is a lion!! How crazy is that 😀 and to see all the beauty around. Just amazing. I hope I will explore more safaries in the future.

IMG_6232 IMG_6230IMG_6226IMG_6206IMG_6214

So how I mentioned we saw all the animals that I wrote above. Then we stopped for a while to see hyenas. I used to have a favorite toy when I was a child and it was hyena so I always had a conection to these animals 😀 so yes we saw them too. I took like thousands of selfies with them of course they were in a cage because they are extremly dangerous.

IMG_6268 (1)IMG_6271

After that we drove a little bit more and then our tour was over. It was amazing expirence.


Next stop was to see giraffes we could feet them so that allowed us to have cool pictures with them and have some selfies.


We also paid additional money for cheetahs so we could pet them and take pictures. About this I was sceptical I have respect for these animals it’s not nature to touch them or go close to them but I found out they were rescued and have them from when there were babies so they are used to people and they are trained but still it was scary and how I said I still had a respect for them so I touched them gently. Anyways it was awesome experience. I love wild animals.


Then it was a time to buy some souvenirs and head back to the hotel. I was super hungry when we arrived so we went for lunch/dinner not sure how to call it 😀 and on the way we met another collegues so we went as a group. It was perfect timing. We picked one restaurant close to the hotel and it was a lovely sunny day so we sat outside. I just love that, to sit and have a meal, the sun is shining and you feel warm even if it’s winter in South Africa now but we had luck for the weather this time. South Africa is famous for meat of course so if you are into steaks and burgers you are on the right place but have to say being a vegetarian they had many options also for vegetarians so I was impressed. This time I ordered veggie burger and fries to be on the ‘same page’ with the rest of the group 😀


After eating I did some grocery shopping and then went to the hotel because I needed a nap before the flight. Be up from 7am I was pretty exhausted.

Had such a great time in Joburg. I didn’t except much and here we go it was a great trip.

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Stay tuned and tell me if you experienced any safari.



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