Cairo, Egypt

Hi guys,

Vacation time!!

When I saw on my roster 5 days off I knew I don’t want to sit at home and do noting. Mainly this time in Dubai during summer. There isn’t much to do because it’s super hot. I started thinking that I will probably go somewhere for a few days and have a small vacation. Even if I feel my job is one big vacation but 😀 I will never have enough of travelling. In the future I definitelly want to travel more in my free time and make a short trips around Middle East. I was also lucky to find awesome girls to go with.
When we decided to go to Egypt we thought it would be better to have somebody local with us. I am not huge fan of tours or anything like that. I like to do everything by myself but we decided to have a tour guide and we coundn’t make a better decision. I highly recommend him. He took care of us very nicely. Without him it wouldn’t be the same trip. Also to plan a trip if you are very busy with work and everything it’s difficult and because of him we didn’t have stress at all. He managed almost everything for us. So if you decide to go to Giza to see the pyramids Mina is the right guy to contact. I will put his info below. I will definitelly come back because next time I want to see Luxor and Abu Simbel. Who is interested just click on his name. Mina and there is also his webside .


Our flight was early morning. Mina picked us up at the airport and took us to our hotel to change. We were in the Windsor hotel which is an historical hotel in downtown in Cairo. Constructed in 1893. I felt there like back in the past. Also like in the movies because of the elevator. There is a wooden carriage elevator. The elevator is the oldest in Egypt and among the oldest operating elevators of its type in the world.


Our first stop was Hanging Church.


Then we visited the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. It cost around 75 L.E. In the museum we could see the mask of Tutankhamun also the tombs and more. It’s crazy when you realize how old is it and you can see it. We also paid extra money to see a real mummies. I think it was 100 L.E extra. Actually more then the entrance to the museum. That was crazy experience I can’t believe some mummies has still nails and hair. It’s kind of scary and disgusting in the same time but unbelievable that this process really works or how to say. I woudn’t recommend that for children definitelly not.  


Then we took a Felucca ride on the Nile. It took around hour and we also could see the sunset. That was amazing. So peacefull moment.


Then was a time to go for dinner. The restaurant was called Sequoia if you have a chance I remomend this place the view is spectacular and food is delicious.


Next day we woke up very early to go to Giza. First we went to see Saqqara Pyramid.


We also went to Kagemni and Merruka tombs. Some of the walls still retain their original pain.


Then to Titi pyramid and we could see Sarcophagus of Teti. Scary place to be 😀

Ater that we went to Egypt Papyrus Museum. We could see how real papyrus is made. You can also purchase papyrus paper here. Just be careful because lots of people sell papyrus on the streets and everywhere but it’s not actually the real one. They usually make that from babana leaves but the real papyrus is made from papyrus plant.

Then we went to see the famous Great Pyramid of Giza, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. The entrance cost 80 L.E. I even climbed the pyramid. To be able to sit there and watch the view is breathtaking.

IMG_6861 (1)IMG_6891IMG_6873IMG_6868

Obviously no visit to Egypt is complete without riding a camel. I felt like in the movie Mummy.


Our last stop was to see Sphinx. I thought it will be bigger but when we got closer it’s actually big. I still don’t get how they could build this.


Then was a time to go back to the hotel. We went to the roof of our hotel and had a wine and watched the sunset.


For dinner we went to Abou El Sid if you want to try real Egyptian food this is the right place to be. Also all the atmosphere in the restaurant is kind of interesting.


For our third day we had planned to visit the Islamic Area but we decided to sleep little bit longer so probably next time. We drove to the airport around 9:30am. That was a stressfull day. Cairo airport is crazy but I would leave it like that 🙂 It was hard but we made it back not to Dubai but to another Emirat but close enough home 😀 One big adventure.

I highly recommend Cairo. Everyone was telling me how dangerous it is and there are just pyramids and bla bla but I always try to do my own opinion on everything and how I said at the beginning I had the best time ever. Cairo, Giza is just amazing and also safe.

Tell me if you ever been to Giza and what do you think.

Stay tuned on my other adventure,


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