San Giljan, Valletta, Malta

Hi peeps,

recently I have flown to Malta. I bid for this flight so I was happy I got it twice this month. We departed at 8am and first we flew to Cyprus where a few passengers disebarked and a new passengers got on board and then we continued to Malta. I’ve never done flight like that before. It’s usually from destination A to destination B so it was kind of interesting.

When we reached our hotel we decided to quickly get ready and go to exlore the city. Four of us met around 4pm in the lobby so it was kind of late to make a big trip so we agreed we will explore Valletta that’s the capitol city of Malta. Valletta is like 20 minutes by bus from St. Julian where we stayed. Bus dropped us at bus teminal and from there we walked on Republic street where you can find souvenir shops, National Library, St Johns Cathedral, National Museum of Archelogy and beautiful houses and small streets with a sea view.


Love the colorful balconies.


Then we walked to Lower Barraca Garden from there we could see Grand Harbour.

IMG_7214 IMG_7231IMG_7221IMG_7222

Then we walked along the harbour to get to Upper Barraca Garden another place with beautiful view. You can also use Barracca lift to safe some energy but we didn’t use that.



After walking around the city we agreed to head back and have some dinner closer to the hotel. Before we found a restaurant we got off from the bus a few stops earlier to walk and take some pictures of the sea.


We chose one restaurant with breathtaking view and we also managed to see the sunset. Wine and sunset what else you can wish for 😀


The next day I and other girl went for breakfast. We picked U Bistrot very nice cafe with beautiful view. After breakfast we did some grocery shopping and also explored a little bit more.


I am excited that I have this flight again that I can explore a little bit more next time. I heard about so many places that are worth visiting. For example L-Imdina and definitelly island Gozo. I found Malta so relaxing, the city is always shinning of bright lights.

If you have any tips what to see or what kind of local food to try let me know because my next trip to Malta is in a few days.

Have a great day,



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