October Roster

Our roster came early this month so now it’s time to share it with you 🙂

Last month how I mentioned was mine top bid. That usually means the best month for you and after top bid you are again on the bottom of seniority rotation. Not really good month for you. So I was scared what will come this month. Past four month I done just one tournaround that’s not typical ha ha so I was worried but must say it’s not bad at all.

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The most beautiful island on Earth – Mahé, Seychelles

Hi everyone,

I am currently home enjoying my vacation with my family but just before I flew home I had a flight to Seychelles. The flight was quick. It’s around 4:15 hours. So it was really easy and customers were nice of course as they were going to Seychelles 😀 The departure was at 2am so that’s always hard to manage to sleep before the flight but the flight was fast so it was ok. When we landed and I left the plane and saw the outside for the first time the first thing that crossed my mind was WOW. It looked so unreal. There was a mountin with rocks and trees it looked like in movies. Continue reading

Secret of paradise. Bali, Indonesia

Hi peeps,

How I mentioned on my previous post I got two flights to Bali. The flight from Dubai takes 9 hours. It was long and tiring but my collegues were awesome so that always matters. We arrived to the hotel in the evening so I ordered room service and went to bed.

The next day early morning I and one girl from England and one guy from Vietnam went for tour. Our driver picked us up at the hotel. I highly recommend him. He does all kind of tours. Our first stop was Luwak coffee farm. If you are coffee lover like me you would love this. You can see a process and preparation of coffee Luwak. The Luwak is the star of the show, and the coffee is made from collecting the droppings from the Luwak and separating the coffee beans (they only pick and eat the best ones), and then cleaning and roasting the beans to form the coffee. One cup of Luwak coffee costs 5 Dollars. The most expensive coffee in the world. At the end of the tour you receive tasting set of their coffees and teas. Continue reading

Oslo, Norway

Hi everyone,

how are you today? Summer is almost over but for me it means that the great weather is starting here in Dubai 😀 until now it was a nightmare. For you who have no idea how the weather is in Dubai so let me tell you that during summer it’s unreal.

I have already mentioned here swapping, bidding but I haven’t mentioned that sometimes you can get awesome flight for me it was Taipei and out of nowhere it disappers from your schedule and then what?! You have a few choices you can be mad as hell or just stay positive and tell yourself something nice will come.  I was hoping for diffrent layover. Not always it works but life taught me it’s better to stay positive and everything turns into good. After a couple of hours I saw on my roster that I will be flying to Oslo istead of Taipei. I’ve never been there and now is the perfect time to go so I was happy. Continue reading

September Roster

Hi guys,

so I was wondering if you would be interested in these kind of short posts. Every month we have a new roster. Where we find out where we will be flying next month. Always very exciting to find out what will be next month, where I will be flying, how many days off I will have. If I have same days off as my friends etc. So I thought it would be nice to share that every month with you. That you can see and have some sneak peek what will come. Of course it might change because there is always an opportunity to swap flights if I want to or they can change it anytime. So you never know. Continue reading