Oslo, Norway

Hi everyone,

how are you today? Summer is almost over but for me it means that the great weather is starting here in Dubai 😀 until now it was a nightmare. For you who have no idea how the weather is in Dubai so let me tell you that during summer it’s unreal.

I have already mentioned here swapping, bidding but I haven’t mentioned that sometimes you can get awesome flight for me it was Taipei and out of nowhere it disappers from your schedule and then what?! You have a few choices you can be mad as hell or just stay positive and tell yourself something nice will come.  I was hoping for diffrent layover. Not always it works but life taught me it’s better to stay positive and everything turns into good. After a couple of hours I saw on my roster that I will be flying to Oslo istead of Taipei. I’ve never been there and now is the perfect time to go so I was happy.

The flight was super early so I managed to sleep just an hour or two before the flight. That’s straggle if you need to sleep before a flight but you just can’t :/ Flight was really nice and I didn’t feel I slept just an hour before the flight I was surprised. For most of the crew it was a first time in Oslo so it was easy to make plans. Ten of us met in the lobby after we got ready and we headed toward exploring.


We decided to take a Fjord boat tour. It takes 2 hours and the departure point is in front of the City Hall. It goes through a maze of islands with small summer houses. I can totally imagine to spend a few days or week there and be out of civilization. Such a lovely place. You can also see amazing Astrup Fearnley museum and Bjorvika waterfront with the spectacular Opera house.

IMG_6526 IMG_6537IMG_6531

The tour cost 285 nok. You also have an english guide so you can learn so much about Oslo and Norway.

IMG_6556 IMG_6564IMG_6555IMG_6563IMG_6547IMG_6560

Also in the end we could see sunset so that was really nice too. I really enjoyed the tour.


After the sightseeing boat we went for dinner. We went to Aker Brygge Marina it’s almost where the boat dropped us off. Lots of restaurants next to each other really nice place close to the harbour. I ordered salat and it was delicious.


Then we went to the hotel and I was super exhausted so I went straight to bed and also slept all morning almost until the wake up call. I had really nice time in Oslo. I was glad I got this flight.

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