Secret of paradise. Bali, Indonesia

Hi peeps,

How I mentioned on my previous post I got two flights to Bali. The flight from Dubai takes 9 hours. It was long and tiring but my collegues were awesome so that always matters. We arrived to the hotel in the evening so I ordered room service and went to bed.

The next day early morning I and one girl from England and one guy from Vietnam went for tour. Our driver picked us up at the hotel. I highly recommend him. He does all kind of tours. Our first stop was Luwak coffee farm. If you are coffee lover like me you would love this. You can see a process and preparation of coffee Luwak. The Luwak is the star of the show, and the coffee is made from collecting the droppings from the Luwak and separating the coffee beans (they only pick and eat the best ones), and then cleaning and roasting the beans to form the coffee. One cup of Luwak coffee costs 5 Dollars. The most expensive coffee in the world. At the end of the tour you receive tasting set of their coffees and teas.


Next stop was Monkey Forest. It costs Rp. 40 000. They recommend not to bring food or water almost anything then the monkeys leaves you alone otherwise they can be really agresive. It was really cool to see them and be around them. They were everywhere. I never been around monkeys that close. Really cool experience.


We also visited a Temple and did some souvenir shopping.


After that we drove to see a Rice fields. I really love that. It was so beautiful to see that. It’s so green, just paradise 😀  The walk puts you in an amazing labyrinth of rice fields with an incredible system of irrigation. Not really easiest to walk down but we made it lol. 


I was pretty exhausted after all. We did and saw so much during the day but we had one more stop in front of us and that was Tegenungan Waterfall. I was sad I didn’t bring a swim suit because that would be awesome. So I took a few pictures and bought coconut and I just looked and chilled for a moment.


That was everything from our tour. We left at 8:30 am and came back at 4pm. On the way back to the hotel I slept almost the all way how tired I was but it was amazing. I love Bali. People are so relaxed and don’t care much I like that. Everything is peaceful and there is so much to do.

When I came back to the hotel I had some food and then took a 3 hours nap but would sleep even longer but it was time to get ready and head back to Dubai.

After this flight I had Bali again. I wanted to do another tour but nobody wanted to do the same so my layover was for me more about relaxing on the beach and by the pool and reading my book. That was nice too. So I hope I will come back to Bali one day because I felt in love with this island and would love to explore it more.


Stay tuned for another blog post about another paradise.

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