The most beautiful island on Earth – Mahé, Seychelles

Hi everyone,

I am currently home enjoying my vacation with my family but just before I flew home I had a flight to Seychelles. The flight was quick. It’s around 4:15 hours. So it was really easy and customers were nice of course as they were going to Seychelles 😀 The departure was at 2am so that’s always hard to manage to sleep before the flight but the flight was fast so it was ok. When we landed and I left the plane and saw the outside for the first time the first thing that crossed my mind was WOW. It looked so unreal. There was a mountin with rocks and trees it looked like in movies.

When we arrived to the hotel I and other five girls agreed to go to the beach and have a rest over there. Because the flight was really short we had just 14 hours layover. We usualy get at least 24hours but I am glad that Seychelles has a layover so even 14 hours is ok with me and the timing was good because we had basically all day to enjoy the wonderfull island. We took a shuttle bus at 9am from our hotel to the beach. The beach was called Beau Vallon Beach. We walked on each side and took some pictures and I felt that this can’t be real. It was so beautiful, peaceful.

img_8037img_8044img_8050 img_8069img_8076

I am beach person so I was in heaven LOL 😀 We were hungry so we found one restaurant that served breakfest. The great part about the restaurant was that we cound watch the ocean meanwhile we were enjoying breakfast.


Then we found a place for sunbathing. I think all of us were exhausted so I managed to sleep for a little bit but I couldn’t find the best position and of course it was really hot.


I enjoyed the water and the beauty of the island. I love to swim and just watch the waves. I also bought a coconut to refresh myself. Coconut and beach go together.


After a while I felt I was rosting so I went to the shade and I managed to sleep for a little bit more however the shade didn’t stayed for long and when I woke up I cound feel my back is on fire 😀 The sun is very strong in Seychelles.

img_8051 img_8046img_8095img_8151

We took the shuttle bus back at 3pm. I ordered some food and went for an hour and a half to bed. After my nap there was a time to get ready and head back to Dubai. The flight back was really nice too and it was a night flight so they are usually easy peasy. The hard part came when I landed and my plan was to catch flight heading Prague. We landed at 2:30am and my flight was at 9am so I went home and I was so tired so I took a nap for an hour and a half and then packed everything. Of course on the way to the airport I realized I forgot a few things but what can you do. Anyways, I managed to catch the plane and luckily I had three empty seats so I could sleep for three hours on the plane. Luckly me. I am so glad to be home.


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