How I almost met Leonardo Dicaprio! Phuket, Thailand

Hello peeps,

If you follow my blog you know I was scheduled for Phuket twice. Unfortunately they pulled me out from one of the flights but luckily the other flight they didn’t canceled to me. When I bid for Phuket I didn’t realize that September is the worst month to visit because it’s rainy season. I didn’t have any hopes it will change because when I checked the weather it showed that all week should rain. So I didn’t have any hopes for plans.

When we arrived to Phuket I and other two girls agreed if the next morning will be a nice weather we take a tour. When I checked the weather in my room that evening it suddenly showed that it will be sunny and the weather will be nice too. So I was really happy and texted girls and we agreed we will do the Phi Phi Island tour.

We met in the lobby at 8:30 am after 5 hours of sleep lol but for Phi Phi Island I would do everything 😀 so our driver picked us up and drove us to the meeting point where we met other people, mainly Chinese turists. The plan was to visit three islands and have a lunch on one of the islands.


We took a speed boat and we sat in the front so it was very bumpy over there and we got all wet 😀 But we had fun.


The ride took an hour. First stop was on the island Phi Phi Ley in Maya Bay where the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio was filmed. Breathtaking view and the water was unbelievably blue.


Beautiful but so many tourist of course because this place is very famous.


Nobody usually show you this but if you don’t look at the side you can see the spectacular view of the ocean.


The next stop was Pileh Lagoon and then Viking Cave. It was time for snorkeling and swimming. I love the ocean and I love to swim but I am not a huge fan of knowing what’s under me. Under water world is not for me 😀 I’ve done snorkeling a few times in my life but this time I rather enjoyed the water and swim and actually I could see the colorfull fish even without diving goggles.

img_8558 img_8565

After that we went to Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Don Island. Then we had a lunch on this Island as well.


At this point I was pretty tired and also from the sun because all the time even on the boat we were outside. There was a part inside and also outside on the boat but we picked to sit outside because it was more fun.

Our last Island was Khai Island were we had an hour to explore it. We agreed it’s time to lay down and get a tan and relax. After that it took us just 15 minutes to get to mainland. We arrived back to the hotel at 5 pm.

When we arrived we went to explore our hotel pool and I hope next time if I will get this flight again I will have a chance to spend some time there because it was beautiful.


After a little while I finally went to my room and took a shower and then a nap but just for an hour and a half. Then was a time to get ready and fly back to Dubai. I was surprised that I wasn’t tired also it was great that I had such a great crew on the flight and the load was very low and most of the passengers were sleeping because the departure was at midnight, night flight. So we had a chance to chat a lot and have fun on the flight.

I am so thankful for this job to see places like this. I love it. Hope I will be back Phuket!

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Your Tereza.



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