What to do in Dubai. Wild Wadi Water Park.

Hi guys,

lots of people are asking me what I am doing in my free time in Dubai and what to do over here. It really depends but I will try to write more blog posts about it in the future. For example just recently I have visited Wild Wadi Water Park. I definitelly like to do fun activities in Dubai and live my life for maximum but some days I like to be lazy too mainly after flights. Sometimes I am so tired that I can’t even get up from bed.

Sometimes I feel like on a vacation over here and it’s my home but most of the people come here for a vacation and fun. Finally the weather in Dubai is awesome so it was perfect time to visit the water park. We met with my friend in the morning and we were heading to the park. We agreed it will be better to go in the morning because it won’t be that busy and we can spend all day over there and have so much fun. We were right! It wasn’t busy at all and even in the afternoon it was ok. I like that I didn’t have to wait.

The entrance costs AED 295 but as a cabin crew we have a discount I love that 😀 You can also borrow a tower for AED 40 good if you forgot a towel but I would recommend to bring your own. You can rent a locker, there is small, medium and large. That’s a good thing. I must say Dubai is the safest place but you never know and also lots of tourists visit so I would go for it. There are so many rides with tubes I love that. Each ride shows you how tough is the ride but I must say that all the rides are ok, easy. I’ve done so many rides in America while I was living there and there were way worst and tougher. You can have still fun and it isn’t that easy peasy of course I screamed lol 😀 but they have lots of relaxing rides as well. What I love about this park is the view. You can see Burj Al Arab from the rides and all the tall buildings and monuments. You can also try your surfing experience I didn’t try that because I would need swim shorts and swim t-shirt.

img_8688 img_8740img_8716img_8751img_8756img_8760img_8774img_8779

We spent almost all day in the water park. It was awesome. I had such a great time. The next time I would like to visit the Atlantis Water Park. That one should be way better so I am excited. Not sure if you ever heard but there is a ride that you are surrounded by sharks 😀 Oh well 😀

Let me know if you are interested about tips what to do in Dubai.

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Your Tereza.


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