November Roster

Hi peeps,

for the start I need to give you a huge apology. It’s been a while since I post something but I was extremely busy and I was helping somebody to deal with difficult time but I hope it will get back to normal because I have so many posts ready for you so definitely stayed tuned!

November already started so I must share my roster with you 🙂 This month I wasn’t very lucky with my bids but I am totally fine with that.

  • Medina, Saudi Arabia (MED) I was pulled out from this flight and got Nairobi turnaround instead
  • Karachi, Pakistan (KHI) Turnaround
  • Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
  • 5 days off I bid for it because my sister and friend is coming to visit me 😀 super excited about that
  • Washington, D.C. (IAD) I’ve been there when I used to live in America but I am so excited to come back to States.
  • Brisbane (BNE) – Auckland (AKL) – Sydney (SYD) – Bangkok (BKK) That’s our new multi sector. I am excited about it but also a bit worried because it will be very tiring and I will be out from Dubai for while. In each destination we have 24 hours so that’s nice and some of the flight are short. Even though I visited all the cities except Brisbane I am happy to come back.

So not too many new destinations for me but I am very happy with my roster. I also put my bids for December so fingers crossed.

If you have any suggestion what to do in Frankfurt I will be more then happy to hear from you. Hope you all doing good.

Stay tuned!!



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