Little update about my life.

Hey peeps,

It’s been a while since I posted something. I have been very busy since October and a lot happened. After a while I was even thinking if I should continue in blogging if it’s really worth the time, energy and everything. Wasn’t really in the mood to write lately. I actually didn’t really had time just for myself past few months. All the time was something happening. I like to live life to the fullest. After I’ve recived a few messages from people why I don’t write anymore and they would like to hear something from me again, I deciced that maybe with the new year it will be a new start. I don’t usually give new year’s resolutions to myself but maybe this will be my new resolution to write more. What about you? How you are with resolutions?

I have so much to share. Many of you are interested in this job and I have so many great stories to share. Definitelly in the future you can look forward to some tips how to get this job, how to apply and how is life as a cabin crew. Also you can always ask me in the comment below or in a private message.

In the last few months I was able to see wonderful places, I was able to see my family and friends for Christmas. That was awesome.


My sister is writting a blog too and even she was always asking me why I stopped haha. If you can speak Czech language definitelly go and check it out. There is a link.

I also had awesome time in New York. Saw THE tree. Not many of you know how crazy I am about movie Home alone lol so be able to see the tree again and the most important to see my best friend who lives in New York, it was magical.


Last week I past my recurrent. Every year we need to go back to trainning college and do our recurrent. Luckily I made it so I am good for another year 😀 YEEY!! The time flies so fast just yesterday I celebrated my anniversary with Dubai and my company. Can’t believe it’s been already a year! How crazy is that.`

I will be back with a new story.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and my facebook page for more updates.

Have a good evening,



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