What to do in Vietnam. Part 1

This month I visited Vietnam Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) twice. I will divide the story of Vietnam into two blog posts. The first time I chose Cu Chi Tunnel tourOne of the most visited tourist attractions in Vietnam. Very interesting to learn more about Vietnam war and see the most famous underground tunnels. 

The tour started off by explaining some history and showing some of the traps they used. The traps were not the originals but they are recreated to be authentic and are all actually terrifying. 


Then our tour guy showed us a sniper hole. Little tiny space to hide. Of cource I needed to try to fit in even I am little claustrophobic lol 😀 It was tiny and I was scared how can I get from there but it was pretty interesting to experience the hole where soldiers waited for days and days underground. 


Another stage of this tour is option of shooting from guns. They have selection of guns that you can shoot from. Of course that was a great oportunity to try even this was never on my bucket list. The feeling of sweety hands and beating heart was scary. I have a big respect to guns and it’t definitely not something you should play with. Mainly in Vietnam when I wasn’t really sure about the safety. Another thing was OMG that was so loud haha.


So I picked AK 47 gun. They have a supervisor load the guns for you and make sure you get some headgear to protect your ears, since it is super loud. The guns are all mounted for safety reasons but they give you a little wiggle room to aim. It was incredible experience. How I mentioned it wasn’t on my bucket list but it will definitelly add to my best experience around the world. 

After the gun range, we headed for a walk through the actual Cu Chi tunnels. If you are claustrophobic as me 😀 then I am not sure if I would recommend that to you to go through the tunnels.



The tour finished with a small snack. Tea and something I am not sure what that was 😀 But it was good.


It was a lovely day and I highly recommend this tour.

Stay tuned for Part 2. It will be about River tour!

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