What to do in Vietnam. Part 2

As a promised there is another post about Vietnam. Part 1 was about Cu Chi Tunnels. You can read it here. This time it will be about River tour.

First stop was just one cute place where we stopped for some food and toilet break becuase the ride from our hotel was more then one hour.


Before our tour could even started we needed to purchase a traditional bamboo hat.


We took a boat that took us to the other side of the river. Fist on our tour was a Honey farm where we could try some local made honey and honey based products. I like honey so that was interesting. On the other side I am allergic to bees and they were everywhere lol so I was a little bit scared but luckily I stayed calm and they didn’t bother me much. 


Next we walked through the woodland area. We stopped at a restaurant where women in traditional dress were singing vietnamese songs and they offered us a selection of different local fruits with tea.


Then finally there was the ride on Mekong river by paddle boat. That was something magical I wish I would take longer. I felt like in real Vietnam and I was just speechless where I am in the moment. I always wanted to go to places like this but I would never ever thought I will be in Vietnam paddling through Vietnam rivers. Felt good.





Also what I like about this job is the great oportunity to meet people around the world and have fun with them.


Next stop was to explore Coconut Island. Island where they make different candies and foods from coconut which we were able to try and see how it is made.


Then it was a time to hop to the boat and make it to the other side. We all refreshed with a fresh coconut water.






Before we came back to the hotel there was a last stop of the tour. Chùa Vïnh Tràng, which was a Buddhist temple with three huge Buddhist statues around the temple. 



That’s all from exploring in Vietnam. Definitelly in the future I would like to visit Hanoi and then I will be completed with Vietnam 😀

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Travel lover,




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